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The Ultimate Goal 

Visions of a Spiritual Retreat

Greetings, I am Medicine Bear Whitebow.

I am of native indigenous ancestry from the California Basin and Oaklahoma areas born and raised in California. My ancestral roots are of the Gabrielino/Tongva, Yaqui,Apache,Blackfoot and Cherokee tribes and I am a member of a non-federally recognized tribe. I am a descendant of medicine people.

I have a vision to create a sanctuary where one can go to get away from the hectic lifestyle that modern life brings and become centered once again. We shall leave stress behind and seek the welcoming shelter of a sacred place that our Mother Earth has prepared for us. This special retreat will be a healing vacation for you. There will be instruction available for relaxation, visualization, meditation, and emotional healing. We will have a traditional sweat lodge for purification. There will be a natural setting to enjoy. You can take pleasant walks through gardens and natural areas. When you come to this retreat, you can choose to be alone, or if you wish, you can enjoy the company of others.

We will create a community and small gatherings will occur in different areas and times with different themes of interest. I will be giving talks on native spirituality, among other things. I will also invite experts to give presentations on holistic studies as these subjects are among my favorites.

We will offer classes and seminars on topics such as Native American culture and history, featuring guest speakers, storytellers and teachers. I would like to host a series of other very special subjects in areas of enlightenment, emotional and physical healing techniques.

There will also be classes on native plants and medicinal plants in general and we will have nature walks to view the flora in the surrounding area. We would like to include permaculture gardens, which are cultivated ecological gardens designed to yield more food than is generally found in nature or on farms.

Birders will be most welcome and we will invite ornithologists to give presentations during the birding season. We also plan to have a bird sanctuary for injured birds that can no longer live in the wild. Guests will be able to walk around inside the sanctuary and get to know the birds that live in there.

There will be drumming circles and rhythm classes given so you can experience the exhilaration of playing music with others.

In the evenings you can sit around a campfire and play a drum and sing. Maybe you will call out for an ancient song to come. You can sit and talk and share stories and experiences around the crackling fire. We will talk about native spirituality and perhaps seek a spiritual awakening if the time is right. We will ponder traditions and speak of the sacred places around us and in our hearts.

But remember, if all you want to do is to sunbathe and relax, that will be fine too. It will be about what you need the most in order to restore and re-energize your self.

We will have a large kitchen with excellent cooks serving delicious, healthy meals. We will have organic vegetable and herb gardens and fruit trees. All food offered would be organic and fresh. Food will be served in a buffet so you can choose what and how much you want. There will be indoor and outdoor dining areas to choose where to enjoy your wholesome meals.

All buildings on the property will be made from alternative, natural building materials, mostly cob (earth, sand and straw mixed together) massaged and sculpted into beautiful fanciful, yet tasteful forms. There will be lovely cob cabins and there will be teepees for those who would enjoy staying in them. All will be nicely furnished with comfort in mind.

We will strive to be "off the grid", providing our own energy from alternative energy sources that are ecologically sound.

I would like to find an expanse of land to be used for the retreat. It will have streams and a good source of fresh water. There might even be ponds and hot springs. It depends on what we will find. This retreat will be a work in progress in sustainability.

We will seek guidance, protection and healing through prayer and meditation. We will ask for a great healing to take place on this planet in this new age of uncertainty. It is our wish that our Mother Earth, as well as all of the living things that dwell upon her, be healed and live in peace.

I have chosen the name for the spiritual center Rainbow People's Medicine Lodge Sanctuary. because it is a part of my indigenous heritage, and for the things that would be all encompassing in this representation. Like the Eagle soaring high above, I envision a place where one can go to find one's self. It is a place where, like the Eagle's vantage point, you can see with great vision and clarity to find the path that is right for you.


The founders of R.P.M.L. are asking for donations in order to make this place a reality. If you would like to contribute to this endeavor please contact R.P.M.L. Ministries @ amindianvet@live.com. Please keep in mind that this will be a non-profit entity and therefore you will be able to claim any donation as a tax deduction.

I welcome donations of as little as $1, but the sky is the limit. The larger the donations, the sooner we can make this retreat a reality.

Those who donate at least $25 or more will receive a card of appreciation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May blessings surround you in your life and may you walk in peace.

If you would like to be on our mailing list, please send us an email which has been provided on the website. ALL DONATIONS WILL BE GOING INTO A SPECIAL ACCOUNT TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. All accounts will be kept open for all to insure integrity and follow through.

R.P.M.L. Staff and Medicine Bear Whitebow

August, 2008

If you wish to aid in our endeavors, your donations are greatly appreciated. No amount is too small, every bit helps us to sustain and continue the work we do. We do not charge for ceremonies or gatherings with few exceptions.

If you wish to aid in our endeavors, your donations are greatly appreciated. No amount is too small, every bit helps us to sustain and continue the work we do. We do not charge for ceremonies or gatherings with few exceptions.

"Walk in peace, and in beauty"