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Our Services

Rainbow People's Sweatlodge

Pranic healings, sacred drum healings, crystal healings, one on one work for spiritual guidance when needed and asked for.
Not all we do is listed due to limited space. If you have questions on any subjects, please let us know .
Also offered to those called to the Chanupa is teachings on making the sacred Chanupa, we do use non traditional tools when making so know this up front. If the old ones had power tools you can bet they would have used them.
All we ask of those called to the path, is be true to your spirit, honor the teachings and do not alter that which has been given. The teachings have been passed down and kept same for purity for a reason.


Medicine Wheel:

A Medicine Wheel is a physical manifestation of Spiritual energy. An outward expression of an internal dialogue. A mirror in which we can better SEE what is going on within us. It is a wheel of protection that enables and allows us to gather surrounding energies into a focal point and to commune with Spirit, Self and Nature (ALL elemental forces)........Creation!

It helps us with our "Vision," to see exactly where we are and in which areas we need to develop in order to realize and become our potentials. In the Wheel we see that we are all connected to one another and what our part in it all is; by showing us the intricacies of the interwoven threads of life. It helps us understand that without our part in the tapestry; the "Bigger Picture" is not as it should be. We add color, dimension and life to each other and all of life. No matter what color, race or creed we are; we need each of us to create a beautiful existence and expression of the Whole.

It is a model to be used to view self, society, or anything that one could ever think of looking into. The wheel; once learned to dance within, offers a picture to each of us and also helps to add clarity to a foggy view. Like so many other things; it is a tool to be used for the upliftment and betterment of mankind, healing and connecting to infinite. We are all but one realization of "God", trying to realize self.


Water Dedication:
This ceremony re-connects us to all that is in and around us, it aids in bringing us back into the fold of all that is.... Sons and Daughters of the Earth.

Vision Quest:

A Vision Quest is a rite of passage in some Native American cultures, similiar to an initiation, . In traditional Lakota culture the Hanblecheyapi (Vision Quest, literally "crying for a vision") is one of Seven Sacred Rites.


What is the Give-Away Ceremony.................Some traditions called it the Potlatch Ceremony and it may have had other names throughout history but the sacred lesson is the same no matter what the name. It is the practice of giving away useful and even beloved possessions to others. Not with the thought of having strings attached to the gift or having regrets from having given the gift but to sacrifice something important to ourselves in order to allow for personal growth in the future.

World governments do not necessarily understand this concept but the Native Americans and other cultures have throughout the centuries. There is a shame to be owned by those of us who are not willing to help those less fortunate than us. I am not talking about giving away useless or broken items but things that would benefit someone else and be a sacrifice on our part. That does not necessarily mean monetary gifts, either. It can be an item that still has a good potential for use but we are not using it any longer. It is a way to honor both the item and the person who will use it now. The Give-Away is a way for us to release encumbrances that block our forward movement in personal growth.

Have you heard the term;Indian giver? It is a term that the Europeans used because they misunderstood the Native American tradition of the Give-Away. It was considered perfectly fine to take back a gift if the gift was not being used by the person it was given to. Not using it was a sign of disrespect. So, the First Peoples had no qualms of taking back a gift and giving it to someone who would show it respect and use it.

Just a side not reminder, not all the ceremonies we do are listed, if you have questions, concerns, desires, ask.
We have many practitioners who practice many forms of healings, body work etc. Again due to limited space on server we have listed some basics to get your spirit enticed. Know that there is never a charge for ceremonies, however the lodge does need funds in order to operate, so at times for some events outside of ceremonial we will post donation fees. No one will ever be turned away due o lack of funds, its an energy exchange!
Many times the people come in need and do not always have disposable cash flows, this is all part of it as we learn, heal, grow. Fees are normally nominal at best and only a means by which to ensure we have adequate paper supplies, and other supplies as needed for classes and teachings. All donations are tax deductible. When on the road going to place to place it does take some of those funny paper things called money in order to have fuel and means to get too and from. We hope you have found this insightful and answered most of your cares and concerns, if there is anything in question, just ask.  

If you wish to aid in our endeavors, your donations are greatly appreciated. No amount is too small, every bit helps us to sustain and continue the work we do. We do not charge for ceremonies or gatherings with few exceptions.

Many of the services we offer require us to see you. Please call us at for personal questions or concerns. We will always be availible to assit you in any way we can. We are all connected.

Send us an email for more information.

If you wish to aid in our endeavors, your donations are greatly appreciated. No amount is too small, every bit helps us to sustain and continue the work we do. We do not charge for ceremonies or gatherings with few exceptions.

"Walk in peace, and in beauty"