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Some of our members, more will be added as they become availible.

Medicine Dog
Medicine Dog Tokala

Bear Woman Who Knows The Truth
I AM Bear Woman. I also am Melissa Heiber Radell I am married to a medicine man of the Rainbow People's medicine Lodge. This is my native connection as well as the soul memories of native (and non native walks on Earth. I am a carrier of the chanupa as well as a ceremonial dancer. I have gifts given me by creator (God) that I can not explain in few words. I believe in angels, demons. Light and dark. Skin is a color religion is a preference. Spirituality is our connection Soul is the essence of our being. do not trust any one or thing with the core of you. I am a Wife sister daughter cousin friend I am a Survivor. At 46 I am physically disabled I have worked as waitress childcare assistant casino cashier and a surgical trauma tech. I am a spiritual being living as a human with the purpose of raising self awareness as well as self healing. Through whatever way works for you. As long as You understand the universal karmic laws I have a very light side. But I also carry dark. We all do. Embrace it allow it appropriate time to "play" then learn to balance the light and dark into a nice shade of grey. We are all one. Walk in balance to your paths drum beat (heart). Life is not a game you can't cheat life you either live it the Best you know how or you do not. I am not anyone's judge I have been shown my truth. I completed my vision quest in 2011 yet due to stroke continued the quest. I no longer quest the answer of "what's this life for " mine is to be a better person than yesterday.


Susan Kinney is a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist whos held an accomplished massage career in Chicago. The 15 year profession as an LMT led her to work in both chiropractic/physical therapy clinical settings; and holistic wellness centers. Susan is well aware that the body is more than just mechanical. For this reason she has incorporated multiple forms of energy work as part of her practice. Susan had not witnessed the enormous impact energy and magick had within the various facets of life, until she began her work with Duncan. Through OFinioan's guidance, Susan has discovered the missing link that progressed her bodywork practice to the next level; benefiting both her and her clients.

Ben Benjamin Orthopedic Massage Techniques Releasing Scar Tissue/ Remodeling Tissue Structural Integration Myofascial Release Technique Lomi Lomi Massage (Hawaiian Style)


Duncan OFinioan has taken a unique evolving role within the alternative esoteric community over the years. Raised in a rural Eastern Kentucky town with half Cherokee and Celtic roots, O’Finioan’s psychic abilities arrived at a very young age. Duncan was named Grey Feather by his Cherokee grandfather, who explained that he was a tween man; (someone who could walk in between two worlds). This distinct ability encouraged him to work with energy of all sorts. As a child he naturally gravitated to martial arts and currently holds a fifth degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.

OFinioan has also utilized various cultural disciplines, knowledge base, and techniques to enhance his craft. Celtic, Norse, Asian, and Native American are to name a few. Over the years Duncan has developed an eclectic style of the esoteric arts, energy work, and world view which has appealed to multiple alternative media formats including the following: Shoot from the Hip with Duncan OFinioan on the CCN Network, Off Planet Radio with Randy Maugans, Project Camelots first Awake and Aware L.A. Conference, Project Camelots 2nd Awake and Aware L.A. Conference, Jesse Ventura's: Conspiracy Theory on True T.V., and has an appearance in PACKING FOR MARS documentary film.

Duncan has grown into an esoteric Master of all Trades when inquiring about his work and services. His experiences and expertise include: layman exorcist with both house clearings and individual possessions, removal of attachments, ridding curses, energy boosts, and rebalancing energetic fields within the body. Besides working with law enforcement, individuals, and businesses, O’Finioan has held group workshops throughout the country encouraging people to work with energy and protect themselves. The renowned P.T.M. (Practical, Tactical, Magickal) workshop has traveled to Massachusetts, California, Las Vegas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Minnesota.

Duncan OFinioan understands that expanding an individuals awareness and utilization of energy is self empowering; and encourages people to gain the knowledge and techniques for an improved quality of life

Duncan OFinioan and MK Ultra



 "Medicine Bear" Whitebow
AKA Bear
Care Taker/Ceremonial Teacher


Email Medicine Bear directly!

Mato Wopiye (Medicine Bear) is a retired veteran; He Earned the Silver Star, Bronze Star w/Device, and was awarded the Purple Heart in 2004 after serving in the Army and being injured in combat.

 For many years he was a member of Heart Medicine Lodge as well as other Lodges throughout the southern California basin. He comes from Gabrilino/Tungva/Apache/Cherokee/Yaqui heritage. His teachings are varied from the Lakota Peoples, Mescalaro Apache,Cherokee, Yaqui, Arapaho, Kiowa. He is a traditional Pipe Carrier for the people and a ceremonial dancer, ordained minister, public speaker, has been featured in local newspapers and this last year had his personal story added to a book "Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts".

As well he is the carrier of the Inipi ceremony, Medicine Wheel, Vision Quest,Water Dedication,Puberty,Making of Relatives ceremonies and many more. His healing teachings are passed down from generation to generation from a long line of Healer's/Medicine People, he practices crystal healings, pranic healing, and traditional teachings of the medicine peoples.

 His journey began at age 6, through the instructions of his first teacher Standing Eagle a holy man from the Arapaho peoples. He has spent time over the last 36 years with teachers from the Lakota Nation, Apache, Blackfoot,Cherokee to name but a few.



Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff  (She Walks Among Stars) is the current operational chief, the founder, Shaman of the Snake Clan.  Bridgette’s personal journey and her life time work in the field of shamanism. She is a Snake Medicine woman carrier bringing her gifts, insights, healing, teachings to the Snake Clan creating a foundation of Medicine for all living beings. With the guidance, help and support of Chief Charles Lightwalker of the Wolf Clan of the Pacific Northwest Bridgette has been able to bring this medicine she carries full circle into the Clan. As the Clan gains new members we can elect the specific people for the positions of leadership in the Clan. Currently Bridgette is forced to wear many hats as she guides this clan and brings one new members and the vision of ceremonial land for the Snake Clan in Montana comes full circle.

short bio: Brad Hachten is a writer and poet living in northern Nevada. Write about his time and place that can be generally described as California and the consumer culture, over time, he came upon a vision of a higher realm of the spirit beyond our current modern era. He is the author of the book The Perfect Wave Project: Manifesto for a Revolution of Bodies and Souls.…/197…/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00…


Duncan O'finioan





Snake Clan of the Free Cherokee

Medicine Bear Invited to speak about his military experience on local radio tv show.

If you wish to aid in our endeavors, your donations are greatly appreciated. No amount is too small, every bit helps us to sustain and continue the work we do. We do not charge for ceremonies or gatherings with few exceptions.

"Walk in peace, and in beauty"